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HAI debuts cutting-edge robot systems at MODEX

By March 25, 2022Uncategorized

HAI ROBOTICS, a pioneer in Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) systems for warehouse logistics, will present its highly flexible totes-to-person warehouse automation solution at this year’s MODEX 2022 show, Booth C4585 at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta from March 28th to 31st.

With its robots being exhibited also by MHS, SVT Robotics, GreyOrange and Tompkins Robotics, the company will demonstrate alongside its strategic partners how its state-of-the-art warehousing technology complements the global supply chain.

Days ahead of MODEX 2022, HAI ROBOTICS announced new partnerships with Tompkins Robotics and Storage Solutions. The partnerships will see technology and solutions developed by HAI ROBOTICS being applied to various industries across North America.

Brian Reinhart, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at HAI ROBOTICS U.S., said the company would have a full display of its commitment to customers, partners and the U.S. market at the show after being in the market for over a year.

“It’s a very exciting time for HAI ROBOTICS as we continue our expansion and growth in the U.S.” he said. “In order to best serve the market and accommodate the requests of our end users, we are developing a robust, strong, and valuable partner network.”

Reinhart, a veteran in the material-handling industry, says: “In a short time, we have planted deep roots in the US.”

In addition to existing customers and partners, HAI ROBOTICS has established a U.S. HQ in Fremont, CA, a fully functional Demo Centre with a decentralised sales and implementation strategy, positioning employees in 15 different states across the country.

The company’s “ambitious goals have hiring, onboarding, and training of talented individuals as a top priority.” “We want to be where our customers are to best serve them. We are committed to providing our partners with the best industry products, solutions, and service,” he said.


The company’s exhibits this year include two types of ACR robots and one workstation that were crafted to explore the full potentials of order-fulfilment efficiency, deployment flexibility and scalability in a goods-to-person order-handling context.

The HAIPICK A42T robot to be displayed is an evolution of the company’s IFOY 2021 “Best in Intralogistics” title earner. With a telescopic lift function that can flexibly adjust its picking height, it can handle bins (totes or cartons) at a storage height ranging from 0.28 to 10 meters.

It can carry eight loads to feed goods-to-person workstations in one move, and shuttle between different storage areas without hindrance.

The HAIPICK A3 fork-lifting robot is a new invention that targets wider warehousing scenarios in addition to bin storage. It handles goods that don’t require a container, such as tires, trays and boards that can be lifted by a fork from the bottom. Its fork-lifting design brings an extra benefit of higher storage density, since spaces between neighbouring bins can be reduced. This type of robot is a good match with working environments where control for dust, static and pollution is strict.

In addition to high flexibility, the HAIPICK robots outperform other goods-transporting robots by bringing every inch under the ceiling available for storage. However, it is the teamwork with the HAIPORT-powered Workstation that maximises a warehouse’s throughput capacity.

A HAIPORT-powered Workstation, which can fulfil orders at in-bound and out-bound, involves collaboration between HAIPICK robots, HAIPORT and conveyor belts. HAIPORT is an automatic loading and unloading machine that can be docked with ACR robots and conveyor belts. At a HAIPORT-powered Workstation, multiple loads of totes or cartons are unloaded from the HAIPICK robots at the entry side of the HAIPORT, then transferred onto the conveyor belts for sorting per system orders and moved to the exit side of the HAIPORT, where they were fetched by robots for the next round of order processing.

The HAIPORT-powered Workstation is suitable for medium-to-large warehouses that have high throughput requirement of at least 400 bins per hour. It’s machine rate can deliver 600 bins per hour to an operator. It suits for extensive storage scenarios in which medium and small-sized bins are used, such as raw materials, small electronics, apparel, medicine, retails and 3PL industries that have large number of SKUs.


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