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Don’t Fear What is Outside Your Box – It Can’t Bite You!

By August 2, 2022Uncategorized

The only way to drive business is to embrace change; in today’s uncertain world, this is more valid than ever. Still, we can see that it is hard for many companies to go outside of their box and challenge the status quo. I have seen a lot of scary examples where a company wants to stay in the old box and connect new technologies and innovation……..and they fail, again and again and again.

To improve your supply chain capacities, you must embrace emerging and disruptive digitalization technologies in a structured and intelligent way; one way is to change how you operate. This will help you to master complexity and competition today and in the future without risking failure. The pace of change, network complexity and the threat from the competition need to be addressed intelligently, and the only way you can do this is to get out of the box and don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Use a top-down approach, don’t believe your old software will do miracles with the new technology added; this you had done before and failed multiple times. Instead, go the other way and focus on what miracles your new technology can perform when connected with your old software.

Change is unavoidable, and the more we welcome change without fear of leaving our comfort zone……you can kick some serious a**. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The sooner you adopt this truth, the better because change will come to you, whether you want it or not.

Let us hope that one thing never changes: to have beautiful weather over the holiday seasons – everyone, enjoy the summer!

Bengt Tuner is the Group Chief Executive Officer at Locanis. Extensive experience as Entrepreneur and expert in Supply Chain Management, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain Execution Software, Innovation & Digitization, Start-Ups & Corporations, People Management & Leadership, Strategy & Organization and Lean Management. More than fifteen years experience as CEO and Senior Manager for small, medium and large transport & logistics companies and more than ten years experience as CEO for IT companies building front-end Supply Chain Execution Software.

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