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When we are at our best, you won't notice us.

Our Motto

We serve People, not businesses.

Business don’t build business, people do.


Always Overdeliver to our clients.

Underpromise, and overdeliver.


Constant Improvement every time.

Nothing remains the same, we evolve with you as your business grows.


Meet The Team

With over 20 years of experience and in dealing with both Freight Forwarders and Clients, we seek to pass on information we know first-hand and debunk logistic jargon that can be frankly overwhelming.
Calling us a Forwarding Agent, or a Freight Forwarder does not cover all that we do, we try to make it effortless for our clients to deliver goods from Point A to Point B.

We are not going to give you a laundry list of logistic services that nobody reads. One key takeaway from this page is that we seek to be active participants in your supply chain management.

We prefer to call ourselves logistic architects. We want to communicate with you about your needs and suggest the best possible logistic solution. The variety of shipment modes are just tools we use to piece all the jigsaw puzzle together.

There was never a once size fit all solution to any logistic projects. Each shipment is different and personal.

We know that many budding exporters and importers have to maneuver along with the myriad of custom laws and limitations, document requirements, cargo requirements and many more.

Which is why we want to make this process, simply put, simple.


Larry See

Mr Larry is no stranger in the Malaysian logistics industry, working together with Mr Pang for over 30 years, they carved a business that centers around helping businesses grow and develop.

Pang Su Pang

Mr. Pang has been in the industry for over 40 years, garnering an in-depth understanding of everything logistics and customs related.

It is not until in his late forties that he decided to serve businesses on his own terms; the better way.


Kelvin See

Kelvin has been in the industry for 6 years, he is also a committee member of the Selangor Freight Forwarder Logistics Association.

Under the tutelage of the directors, he is passionate about helping businesses overcome supply chain woes.


Pang Shin Yin

Shin Yin has been in the industry for 6 years, with her extensive knowledge in everything accounts and supply chain-related, she proves to be a backbone of the company

Customs Brokerage

We are licensed as a customs brokerage firm capable of offering advice with regard to import and export permit requirements.

Ocean Freight

We coordinate with Vehicle Operated Common Carriers to provide competitive ocean freight rates specific to your delivery schedules.

Air Freight

We make sure that your precious cargo is delivered on time. We have a dedicated team that focuses on sensitive cargoes such as: –

  • Perishable Goods
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Livestock
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical Products

Warehousing Facility

Our warehouse is centered in Klang Valley, complete with racking systems and with a square footage of 80,000.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Via our network of international freight agents, we cast a wide net of international delivery services. No matter if it is Ex-Work or DDP shipment, we have that covered.

Container Leasing

You can opt to ship your cargo either with Carrier Owned Containers (COC) or Shipper Owned Containers (SOC). Should you choose an SOC shipment, we are capable of provide container leasing services for you.

Container Haulage

We have a humble fleet of 17 prime movers readily at your disposal.

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